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Independent Cleaning Audits

Independent Cleaning Audits


We run Independent Cleaning Audits  to help people understand the cost and the quality of the cleaning services they have.


After spending over ten years in the cleaning industry running cleaning business, a cleaning franchise and working as cleaner I have been increasing surprised at the different fees charged and the quality of work that is supplied. I have personal worked for some companies where I have been paid over one hundred dollars for a regular office clean that took me lest then an hour and then other jobs which only paid twenty dollars for the same work in the same time frame with an expectation of the same standard of work.

If you are new growing business deciding about employing a cleaner might sound like a simple task. Your mates paying sixty dollars for a cleaner, so you think I will just pay that also. Most likely the type and size of your mates business is not the same as yours. So the time and cost could be cheaper or more expensive for your business. Your cleaner could end up just been an expensive nightmare for you or just never up to the standard you are expecting.

Independent Cleaning Audits
Independent Cleaning Audits

Many companies and individuals expectations are so high and the time frame they expect the work to be done in is just not possible. They go through cleaners and different cleaning companies every few months and are never happy with the job. This is just costing valuable money and time that can be better spent doing what you love to do, run your business. It could be that what you are expecting and wanting to pay is just not ever going to happen. If that is the case you will just keep going down the same path of replacing, interviewing advertising without ever getting the job done to your expectations.

Others insist that only environmentally safe chemicals be used but refuse to understand the cost of using these products and many will not give the crystal clean results others will in some cases. With many of these products to get the cleaning to an acceptable standard you need also to spend more time on the job as some work fine but just in a slower way. In this case an hour clean might go out to an hour and half to have your cleaning job completed correctly.

Many time frames that are placed on many cleaning business require them to pay cash in hand which means you have staff on your site that are not covered by business insurance or work cover that can come back and bite you in a very expensive way. Other cleaning business don’t even bother about Insurance or taxes and again you a playing a very risky game with your business and could be found liable if something goes wrong.

Many businesses can cut their cleaning cost by just changing their work process even a little. The setup of your office could be causing your cleaning never to be perfect within the time that is allocated. If you have uneven surfaces, or cabling running all over the place in your office your cleaning is not going to be perfect. The quality of your cleaning will be affected by your workplace environment. Just changing a few simple things in your office could save you money and give you the cleaning job you want.

One company that I cleaned for had a wax product that they packaged. The problem with this is that it created an OHS issue on the floor as wax is very dangerous on the floor as it creates a real slip issue if any type of liquid is spilt on the floor. Simple way around this is to change the flooring on the work area and separate that area from other areas within your business. This will drastically reduce the cleaning time and also improve the OHS within your workplace which is a great win for all.

One task that I watched been done was a cleaning of an inside roof within a huge trucking warehouse. A cleaner used a very strong and dangerous product that was caustic based. The cleaner did not follow the directions for the use of the chemical correctly and as a result the chemical was not washed off correctly. Just over a month went by and a phone call come back to the cleaner to ask what he had used as the roof was now been eaten away by the chemical and all the roof needed to be replaced. Last I heard the cleaner was bankrupt and the case was in the courts to attempt to get payment for the replacement of the roof that was going to cost over a million about 7 years ago.

Whatever your cleaning job you can gain simple independent review of what is required with an approximate time frame it should take to do. This will give you a clear guide for your cost and help meet your expectations. At the same time you will have clear understanding of any issues you may have.

Workok give you their extensive experience in how to go organising your cleaning in any business site from a small office to huge warehouses or skyscrapers. We come to you and inspect your work place and talk to you about your needs and expectations. We give you a clear detailed report on what you need and how to go about it.

Our report contains the following:

What is a fair price range for your requirements?
Frequency of your cleaning that is required?
Are your expectations too high for what you want to pay?
Problems associated with what you need done and additional cost that might be required?
Are environmentally friendly cleaning products practical in your business?
Do you have any problems that could result in OHS issues?
Is special cleaning equipment required for your business?
If it is a specialised clean how do we do it?
Can you change your work process to reduce your cleaning time?

We also give you a detail cleaning schedule to use as a guide to check your cleaning process.
This is really handy for you to track your cleaning and also a simple tool for any cleaner to use to give you a quote.

Specialised cleaning task

With specialised cleaning task we can go over the task you need done and offer you a written report on how to go about it. We can help you work out the time frame that is required and source the appropriate chemicals required and suggest companies to deal with or organise the whole job for you. From this we can give you a price range to budget on and what question you need to ask anyone that is doing the job. We can also help you out with supervising the bigger jobs so that they are managed and proceed on budget and within the timeframe you have set.

To book an Cleaning Audit please call Greg 0459-599-676